3 Player Slime Volleyball;

(John Murphy)

Players 3
Author Notes; 3P Slime is a three player slime volleyball game. The idea was from the user candy of slimezone, but I'm sure everyone's thought of something like this. It was pretty difficult adding the controls for the third player, but being so similar to bin slime (2 nets) I didn't have to worry about the nets. I ran into problems with the short messages at the bottom so I ended up just leaving the name "Someone." I might have been a little lazy, but I decided that I thought this would help make it more interesting and it wouldn't dramatically change the game anyway. So here it is. Find a couple of friends and play away

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Player 1 >
Jump - W
Left - A
Right - D

Player 2
Jump - I
Left - J
Right - L

Player 3
Jump - UP
Left - LEFT
Right - RIGHT