Welcome to the FAQ/Problems section here you will find information on 'game requirements' and have the opportunity to report a bug, you can also see some Frequently Asked Questions.

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Game Requirments;

• Flash Player (click here to download the latest Flash player)
• Shockwave Player (click here to download the latest Shockwave Player)
• Java Runtime Environment (click here to download the latest JRE )  

For some of the more demanding 3D games, you may have to install the latest Windows DirectX software, click here to download it. 

Frequently Asked Questions;

Q - Why is the website slow at certain time
A - SlimeMan.com receives a vast amount of visitors at certain times of the day this puts pressure on our system and can cause the game to be slower than normal

Q - Why does the colours at the top change?
A - The colours at the top change everyday to keep the website looking fresh.

Q - When I load a Slime Game a Red Cross apears in the top left hand conner of the game and it does not load?
A - Your computer does not have Java installed or enabled once this has been done the game will work.

Q - I want to Unsubscribe from the SlimeMan.com email how do I do it?
A - To unsubscribe from the newsletter please click the link below

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