Slime Volleyball - All Stars;

(Quin Pendragon, Brian Pegram, Eddie Rabenda, Chris Jochem, Brad Neish)
Players 4
The most manic version of Slime Volleyball, it follows the usual rules, but now four human controlled Slime play in pairs against each other. Developed by the ‘Slime Sports Team’ (Pegram, Rabenda, Jochem & Neish)

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Team 1 Controls:

Key Function Key Function
W Jump I Jump
A Move Left J Move Left
S Change Team Color K Change Team Color
D Move Right L Move Right

Team 2 Controls:

Key Function Key Function
Up Jump 8 Jump
Left Move Left 4 Move Left
Down Change Team Color 5 Change Team Color
Right Move Right 6 Move Right

Please note: The numbers used in the game are on the number pad.